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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements


It is a great way to target the organisation that you want to work for and let them know about you.

Format is the same as the cover letter (your details, addressee details etc?.)

It is NOT tailored to a SPECIFIC job/position you are after ? You are ENQUIRING only!

It is when you apply for work with a specific company without knowing if they have a job opening that suits your skills

Ensure that you have all the necessary skills listed in your CV section.

The real challenge of writing a speculative letter is that you are not applying for a particular role at a company.

A speculative letter needs to be concise only 3 or 4 short paragraphs and no longer than one side of A4.

Please do not detail your life long history it is not required.

Try to avoid beginning the letter Dear Sir/Madam if you can. Phone the company and ask the name of the person who deals with recruitment.

Be confident. Dont put yourself down, but also dont exaggerate too much about yourself.

End your speculative letter on a positive note: ? I am looking forward to your reply?

Sign the letter with Yours sincerely? notYours faithfully ?? and of course, followed by your name, as well.

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