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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
Can you tell me about a complex problem that you solved describe the process you utilised?
While working as an Operations agent for a shipping line I realised that a number of containers were missing their connection from a Spanish port on the way to South America. Containers for the vessel heading to South America needed to be booked in advance twenty four hours before the departure of the vessel.

The outcome of this not being done was containers had to wait on port at least a week for the next connecting vessel while incurring storage charges.Due to the time frame of the vessel arriving with the transfer containers, it would be within the twenty four hour deadline so there was no way of booking the containers in time and they kept on missing the connecting ship.

After analysing the problem, I contacted the agents for the Spanish port to ask them if it were possible to receive the details for the containers before the vessel left their port. They advised that based on their system, they would not know which containers were loaded and which weren't in order to know what customer details to send.

I contacted the local port to confirm with them what details they actually needed to provide enough space for the transfer of containers and they replied that they only need the amount of containers and whether they were 20 or 40 foot sizes. I went back to the origin port and asked them if they could send the amount of containers loaded before the customer details. This they were able to do and with this information I could book cargo space on the connecting vessel and containers started to make their connections without delay.

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