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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

After the Interview

What you should do: After the Interview

Ask at the end of the interview when the employer expects to make the hiring decision?
Obtain the correct titles and names of all the people who interviewed you
Get each persons business card or email address
Be proactive and consider follow-up a strategic part of your job search process
Use follow-up techniques to continue to show your enthusiasm and desire for the position
Send thank-you letters / email after being interviewed
IF you get an offer, you can negotiate your compensation package
IF you are happy with the offer, put your acceptance in writing
IF you've accepted a job offer over the phone, it's important to write a formal acceptance letter

What you should NOT do: After the Interview

Say nothing
Sit and wait for the job to come to you in a silver platter
Do not project yourself too desperately
Re-negotiate your package if you are not satisfied with the offer
Do not mistake your acceptance letter for a contract

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