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Technology Computer Systems CV Keywords

1. Administered LINUX, UNIX, and WINDOWS SERVER machines.

2. Knowledgeable in computer software, hardware, and procedures.

3. Diagnosed hardware failure, user errors.

4. Assisted in the installation, configuration, and management of a LAN.

5. Assisted management and other company employees in solving computer related problems.

6. Assisted users with daily operational issues.

7. Assisted users, and gave training in installed systems and programs.

8. Assisted with special projects such as network cabling.

9. Attended technical conferences and seminars to stay informed about new product developments.

10. Authorized and certified technician for the following equipment __________, __________, and __________(list equipment).

11. Conducted benchmark tests of high-powered computers for major vendors.

12. Configured and enhanced network performance.

13. Configured and diagnosed client/server problems.

14. Coordinated implementation of new departmental procedure.

15. Coordinated project communications between English-speaking engineers and _______(language)-speaking technical representatives.

16. Established a corporate standard desktop.

17. Created and maintained user logins and passwords.

18. Created on-line documents and Web applications using Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe PageMaker, Bryce, and Xara 3D.

19. Debugged and modified beta software and performed thorough diagnostic tests.

20. Defined coding standards.

21. Demonstrated ability to analyze, evaluate, and resolve hardware and software conflicts.

22. Demonstrated ability to provide innovative solutions to difficult software problems.

23. Demonstrated effective and consistent English/Japanese technical support at customer sites, over the phone, and via remote software such as pcANYWHERE.

24. Designed and developed a manual for a product data management system using HTML.

25. Designed and developed test fixtures for modems.

26. Designed and developed the Intranet system for __________(what group or company).

27. Designed workflow applications allowing Web users to navigate efficiently throughout a Web site.

28. Designed, built, and debugged test fixtures for the manufacturing floor.

29. Designed, coded, and tested a __________(type of program) system.

30. Diagnosed application errors and network connectivity problems.

31. Diagnosed hardware problems with modems, printers, cables, or telephones.

32. Developed an interface for phonebook and message storage programs.

33. Developed and administered Web-based applications.

34. Developed and modified reports as required using __________ and __________(program).

35. Developed dynamic link libraries in __________(program) for special in-house functions.

36. Developed on-line registration databases and discussion forums for Web sites.

37. Developed programming software, __________(name of program), using __________(programming language).

38. Developed schedules, resource allocation plans, and system test plans.

39. Experienced in desktop publishing and layout.

40. Experienced with computer hardware including personal computers, servers, and mainframe clusters.

41. Experienced with Windows programming and Microsoft Visual Basic.

42. Handled all data imports and scrubbed data from all external sources.

43. Held full technical responsibility for local and wide area networking product.

44. Identified, documented and resolved issues with company designed software.

45. Incorporated Excel VBA as an in-house data-mining/reporting tool to analyze company performance information.

46. Increased flexibility in messaging features.

47. Installed and tested new upgrade software releases as requested.

48. Installed and upgraded computer and network components.

49. Installed video conferencing hardware.

50. Installed, modified, and made minor repairs to microcomputer hardware and software systems and provided technical assistance and training to system users.

51. Instructed users on the use of equipment, software, and manuals.

52. Investigated and resolved computer software and hardware problems.

53. Involved in designing, coding, and supporting the complex trading system, __________(name of system).

54. Maintained a separate server for facilities management programs, such as AutoCAD.

55. Maintained data security and ensured the integrity of any information added to the database.

56. Maintained data security, integrity, and recovery ability by performing daily and other routine backup operations.

57. Managed effort to ensure equipment and software was Y2K compliant.

58. Managed support system engineers performing on-site customer service and maintenance.

59. Modernized trading models to match the current infrastructure utilizing Visual Basic and SQL Server.

60. Operated a private computer company specializing in building PC's and configuring networks.

61. Operated computer help desk assisting users with problems and solutions.

62. Participated in field installations, engineering and customer support.

63. Performed full system tape backups and emergency tape recoveries.

64. Performed hardware and software support and installation.

65. Performed in-home repair of computer systems and related equipment by removing and replacing components or reconfiguring and restoring systems.

66. Performed in-home setup of computer systems and related equipment.

67. Performed network integration and system tests.

68. Performed routine maintenance on all types of computer equipment and printers.

69. Performed software and mechanical upgrades.

70. Performed trading model research with __________(programs or utilities) tools.

71. Performed troubleshooting of computer systems and related equipment.

72. Performed weekly back up of energy management data.

73. Planned and executed a Visual FoxPro database to manage the collection and distribution of __________(commodity).

74. Prepared presentation plans and materials.

75. Programmed in Delphi.

76. Programmed on-line, batch, real-time, and telecommunications systems.

77. Provided software and hardware training either on-site or in off-site classroom.

78. Provided support, diagnosed system problems, and managed system and data analysis for __________(organization).

79. Provided technical support of cross-connected multi-platform network systems.

80. Provided technical support to __________(department) on software and hardware issues.

81. Provided technical support to end-users with the assistance of senior programmers.

82. Qualified to inspect and repair single, multi-conductor, coaxial, and triaxial wiring.

83. Replaced and upgraded motherboards, CD-ROMs, and hard drives.

84. Replaced defective or inadequate software packages.

85. Reported weekly and monthly to regional manager providing written and oral reports.

86. Responsible for all aspects of the project including budgeting, staffing, quality assurance, scheduling, marketing, and interfacing with other organizations.

87. Setup computer systems and related equipment.

88. Skilled at diagnosing and repairing personal computers.

89. Skilled in administering LAN and WAN applications including, TCP/IP, Ethernet, ISDN, and Novell NetWare.

90. Sorted records and filtered them according to user-specified criteria.

91. Surveyed customers on a periodic basis to ensure concerns are being addressed properly and promptly.

92. Tested beta software for major software companies.

93. Trained in Web site construction using Microsoft FrontPage 98.

94. Updated core components of the program to meet Y2K compliance.

95. Worked as an in-house consultant researching alternate approaches to existing software and hardware.

96. Worked with management and customer service representatives to design a __________(utility, program).

97. Working knowledge of Far East language operating systems and application software including double-byte character sets.

98. Wrote and modified __________(language) programs to support the sales, finance, production and shipping department.