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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

About Get me A Cool Job

Get Me a Cool Job Web Site is a guide for Employed and Unemployed Job Seekers seeking for a Cool Job. The concept of Get me a Cool Job is ………an Employee will go through a step-by-step Job Journey Process until he or she will be able to create a Cool CV. So, we at Cool Job devised a Job Journey where clients will go through this site from beginning to an Interview Process and Prepare for an Interview and finally get his or her Dream Jobs.

Our Slogan…. Cut, Paste, Edit and Apply

Get Me a Cool Job web site will help you to get appropriate information on your career goal, where to look for a job, how to get your ideal job with support on application process.

Get me job journey start with Unemployment issues , please read this and move on to the job search , Download CV Template, but before you do that make sure that you have certain information that need to be put in your CV..

What we cover at Get Me a Cool web site:

Action Plan, Intro to Job Search, Spec Letters, CV Examples , Sample Cover Letters, CV Template Download, Starting your New Job, CV Buzz Words , Key Personal Profile, Key Skills , Job Profiles, Job Hunting Tips , Interview Tips and Tricks , Frequently Asked Questions about Interviews , Interview Letters, The Art of Filling Job Application Form, Personal Statement,Self Employment Guides, Business Plan, Job Search Case Study and many more.

We have designed an Idiot Guide to be followed on how to use this site step by step. As we have created and maintained this web site for almost 7 years, we want to ensure that you are being benefited to access free information available on this site. All information is updated systematically and on a daily basis.

First, you make sure that you know clearly your ideal job and start writing your job descriptions: (Make sure you have piece of paper and a pen when you begin to note your job description).

Then click on the job you are looking for on the top of the page A, B, C, D so fourth (Here, you can see all job descriptions are arranged in ascending order i.e. Accounts Clerk Job Descriptions). Now you can view your written job descriptions and compared with the one we had compiled for you add what you need and if cannot find one please e-mail us.

The next step is to write a Cover Letter and a CV. Before we move to this section we would like to introduce to you how to create an e-mail account to send and attached your cover letter to your employer’s e-mail)

When you have your CV file including cover and Speculative Letters with setting job Goals and the action plan. Next step of your journey is an active job search process. This can be done by typing your job title and preferred location (for example, Job Title: Administration and Location: London). This will give you a list of jobs available in your area; therefore select wisely to apply for your dream job.

If you follow the correct procedure, we expect that you may apply at least twenty to thirty jobs a day to increase your chances per application.

Finally, once you have selected for an interview, make sure that you are visiting our interview tips guide section. Interview Questions and Answers

We dedicated this site as your One Stop Job Journey and we wish you all the best and good luck and if you find this site is useful, please do not forget to bookmark us or drop us an e-mail with the heading

(Get Me a Cool Job, Find Me a Coolest Job)

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