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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Sample Follow Up Letter 2

I came away from our interview on _______________ (Date) with a very favorable impression of _______________ (Name of the company). Clearly, the leadership begins at the top and carries throughout the entire organisation. I welcome the opportunity to work with such a team.

If only more time had been available, I would have liked to explain in greater detail my accomplishments at _______________ (company). My responsibilities included training and motivating employees, providing customer service and satisfaction, increasing merchandise sales through sales volume and profitability, shrinkage control and scheduling as well as preparing reports on daily sales and receipts. I was also recognised for high ethical standards in all work performed.

The time and consideration you have given me are very much appreciated. I will call you again next monday to determine if you have reached a decision.

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