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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Personal Referral Letter

___________________(Name of the Company), the firm I worked with for the last________(Number of Years), was sold at year-end and merged with another ___________(Company , Give a name). As a result, my Job was eliminated but I was asked to remain and assist in managing the_______________(Your task at the company ). The position was temporary, and relocation was required to make it permanent. I am looking forward towards opportunities locally here in_______(Your Town)London. I'm looking for some advice and counsel from people I know and trust.
I'd like to continue to be an__________________(Title of the Job ) i.e account administrator in a financial services company (bank, savings and loan, credit union, insurance company, etc.).

I'm good at _________________(what task) i.e administration and teamwork. I've also managed data processing tasks of all volumes. I like being a part of a dynamic organisation, and I am looking for that next opportunity.

Perhaps you, or someone you know, are cognizant of a firm that needs someone with my capabilities. If so, I'd appreciate your giving them a copy of the enclosed CV, and I'd like their name so that I can contact them personally.

My earlier job has been exciting, and I'm sure the next opportunity will hold even more promise. I'm glad about the prospect for change and I hope that you can help me make sure it's a positive change. I'd appreciate your thoughts and ideas.

Thanks for your help.

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