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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Tell me about a time when you worked with a person who did things very differently from you. How did you get the job done - STAR Model?


Working in the clothing section of a local department store I was required to work with a colleague from another department, who was filling in for my usual co-worker who was on long-term sick leave.


A new clothing range was delivered into the store and we were therefore given the job of unpacking, sorting, pricing and racking the clothing.


We started the task working in parallel, but it was soon apparent that I was working much quicker than my colleague, partly due to my greater experience in working with clothing, but also due to a more efficient way of working. Continuing in this way the task became disjointed with some sections of the range being racked whilst others remained unpriced, and we were unable to make any headway in getting the job completed. It was apparent that we needed to change our approach to one of working vertically, with me taking on the sorting and pricing and my colleague doing the racking. In this way it was possible to complete the sorting and pricing task methodically with my colleague racking as we went along, with me helping finalise the racking once the pricing was completed.


By identifying the problem hampering the completion of the task and changing to a system by which we could each operate to our best ability, we were able to complete the task successfully and avoid conflict developing between ourselves.

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