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Star Based Interview Question 2
Give me a specific example of a time when you had to address an angry customer
Working on the counter in a motor spares shop, an irate customer returned with a faulty water pump, having purchased it earlier in the day. The extent of the anger was due to the fact that his car was now immobile and he was under the impression that he was going to have to get into an argument to get his problem resolved.
I needed to calm the customer in order to determine the nature of the problem and what could be done to resolve his situation. I also needed to determine the fault with the water pump to establish if the company did have any liability
I was able to reassure the client that we would deal with the issue and resolve to the best of our ability with the minimum of inconvenience to himself. I was quickly able to determine that the problem was a fault in the manufacturing process, which was a problem that had occurred in a number of cases at this time. I was therefore able to immediately swap the faulty pump with a new one, which I checked for the same fault before giving to the client.
The client left relieved that he was now going to be able to complete his repair and restore the use of his car.
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