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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Describe a situation in which you effectively developed a solution to a problem by combining different approaches- STAR Model?


Working for an international removal company I received a claim from a client who had moved to France and had suffered damage to her consignment. It was apparent that some of the damages were not covered by her insurance. She also referred to some problems she had encountered during the removal.

It was necessary to establish the extent of the insured loss to determine the appropriate claim settlement. It was also necessary to inform our legal services department of possible liability claims in respect of the uninsured losses, and to advise the customer service department of the service issues.

Writing to the client with requirements for finalising her insurance claim, it was apparent from her response that she would also be seeking settlement for the uninsured losses and customer service issues also. It was further apparent that the client was not happy in her new location, and that the move had effectively been a mistake for her. This made for a very difficult scenario for resolving the different aspects of the situation as the clients mind was not always focused on reaching a resolution, and despite the fact that the three strands of claim needed to be dealt with independently she insisted on dealing with them together, often combining aspects of each strand of her claim in one issue. Fortunately the Legal Services and Customer Services departments were in close proximity, and maintained close working relationships. We therefore proposed to work together to bring about an overall resolution that would also finalise each individual claim. With this approach Customer Services were able to take a sympathetic approach to resolution, Legal Services a more strict reference to contractual liability, and I was able to concentrate solely on establishing the true nature and value of the insured loss.


By combining our resolution efforts, keeping each other informed of each step in progressing our individual claims, it was possible to gradually resolve all matters, one issue at a time, until a final overall resolution agreeable to the client was achieved. This would have been almost impossible to achieve had we each tried to resolve our individual claims separately, due to the client’s refusal to cooperate in that process.
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