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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Can you tell me about a complex problem that you solved- Star Model?


In my role as Business Advisor I was tasked with helping two companies to identify new opportunities and strategies to enable them to adapt to a rapidly changing market place.


The requirement was not only to maintain their current position, but to broaden the scope of their companies and increase business opportunities.


With my experience of working on market-leading projects within other marketing and promotional teams I knew that the solution would require new perspectives and strategies to create fresh business opportunities. Part of this approach would require the forging of new partner relationships with other companies seeking to exploit the latest developments in the industry. By working closely with the client companies, helping them implement internal projects, and liaising with strategic external companies, a set of diverse perspectives was brought to the problem together with the expertise and experience required to successfully implement the new ideas.


The resulting network of mutually complementary companies created a new market-leading core, developing new business opportunities and the strategies for providing them, thus increasing both the size and profitability of their businesses

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