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Tell me about work experience activity where you had to work closely with others. How did it go? How did you overcome any difficulties?

Having resided within a temporary supported shared accommodation with a Housing Association, for two years, I performed foreign language translation work for tenants seeking a more permanent housing opportunity, allowing tenants to remain in a more stable & secure environment.

A large part of my duties were to focus on building relationships with tenants and the local community environment, taking advantage of local resources, opportunities and challenges to encourage co-ordination and collaboration for those increased numbers of people in difficult circumstances.

I achieved this by working alongside potential business clients, to ensure the effectiveness of the Association and its aims to identify and pursue opportunities to create partnerships for the future, carrying out equal opportunities policy to actively assist disadvantaged groups to benefit from the services.

By visiting and liaising with local community opportunity providers, and other agencies to collect information appropriate to support the work with tenants, I networked with other professionals/advisers to understand their services and role in supporting tenants to develop appropriate links.

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Tell me about work experience activity where you had to work closely with others Get Me a Cool Job

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