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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Tell me about a difficult decision you have made in the last year

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I was responsible for recruiting a team of project coordinators for a business service within a telecoms organization.

During the recruitment process I had a high number of candidates across different age groups. Having narrowed the number to 10, a few months into the service, my senior manager, felt one of my chosen candidates was slightly too senior for the position and I should exclude them from the numbers required.

Having interviewed all candidates, I felt this particular person, was very efficient and an asset to the team, and I felt uncomfortable having to let this candidate leave at this stage.

In the end, as my senior manager was quite adamant that the dynamic of the team, should be within a certain range and age, I had to speak to the senior candidate, explain the reason for relieving him of the position, which I felt very uncomfortable in doing so, as the honest version, would have been distressing for the person to accept.

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