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How have you motivated yourself to complete an assignment that you did not want to do

I recall a time, whilst working for a research agency, performing Quantitative and Qualitative research tasks, coordinating the daily workload of the department.

A particular project involved the recruitment of senior managerial personnel for in-depth interviews and focus groups.

Nearing the close of the project, two of the senior managers were not available to perform the final analysis presentation. I was asked by one of the directors, to take up this task alongside a senior manager. Having disliked statistics, at school, I was not looking forward to this task, especially when time constraints, meant, having to work on a weekend, to complete the presentation, before the client meeting, in few days.

I proceeded to ask help from a colleague, who had a good knowledge of statistics and tables, and somehow managed to struggle through, supporting the senior manager, and finished the task.

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