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Describe the most creative work related project you have completed

Working as the independent lead within a sports broadcasting environment was a new challenge for me, especially as the person responsible for marketing and promoting an interactive event, which had previously proved unsuccessful.

I quickly sought to build relationships with international sports, print and broadcasting companies, creating advertising opportunities, which ultimately would lead to building sustainable contacts for the future.

Having worked in creative video directing, in my spare time, this opportunity gave me the confidence to suggest ideas, such as, promotional shoots for publicity on the internet.

By liaising heavily with freelance print and web designers, managing the production of marketing and promotional materials, I gained exposure to other forms of creative tasks.

Combining my vision and the brief set out by the directors, proved to be a successful relationship, which in turn, led to subscribers of the event receiving a new and freshly tailored service suited to their requests.

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Describe the most creative work related project you have completed Get Me a Cool Job

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