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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Describe a work situation that required you to really listen and display compassion to a co worker who was telling you about a sensitive situation?
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Whilst working for an educational organisation, I had noticed, a colleague and member of staff, was not behaving in an attentive manner, in various meetings, during the week. At the close of business, I asked the colleague to remain in the office, for a short while, so I could discuss a work topic.

I expressed my concerns, and offered the colleague to take some days off if he requested, to rest. He then informed me, of a breakdown in his personal relationship. We then spoke at length, and discussed the problems, and his role in the office. I decided, it was in his best interest to take some time to try and resolve his personal problems, and that his work load would be shared amongst his colleagues and the team.

He was pleased with my role, in facilitating his much needed time away from the office and I assured him that the conversation would remain confidential.

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