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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Prison Warden Personal Statement

I am currently working at Wandsworth Prison, in London. My main duties involve interacting with prisoners on day-to-day bases, in terms of building up and establishing trust. By doing this at the outset I am able to understand and apply myself with full competence to the role. Each inmate is different and therefore you have to change your style of communication in accordance with his or her nature.

If a prisoner is always aggressive you have to make sure that you stay calm all the times around them and keep on ensuring them in assertive and calm manner that you are here to help them.

My shifts are flexible and there I work with new people every day and therefore you make new friends everyday and also build upon your network of work colleagues. My job is very difficult in nature but I enjoy the adrenaline rush, when I am confronted with difficult situations. For example, when prisons fight with each other, I always use my diplomatic skills to diffuse the situation, but when that fails, we have no option but to lay down the law and use force.

I have been hurt on numerous occasions but that has not deterred me from continuing my role of Prison warden.
We not only enforce the law, but we are also responsible for the well-being of the prison. I always keep prisoner update with the range of work related courses on offer, as this will help them once they are out prison to change their lives for the better. I also check on medical needs of prisoners, if they have the correct medication. I also help the prison doctor and nurse to carry out their rounds when checking the prisoner?s health.

From my experience it demonstrates I will be the best candidate for the role Senior Prison Warden at ABC Prison.
What Skills are needed to be a Prison Warden?

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