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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Primary School Teacher Personal Statement

I was always certain as that I would be working with primary school children. This was influenced by having four junior siblings and being the eldest I was responsible for their care and also we were supported by our single mother who was the sole bread earner for the family. I develop my younger sibling?s skills and encouraged them to learn new things.

I truly value the sense of accomplishment gained in teaching new skills to children and I wish to continue to do so, and this is therefore one of the main reasons for wanting to join a teaching work environment.

Discovering my enthusiasm for helping and supporting others I chose to expand my knowledge of the teaching experience by completing two work experience placements within a primary school setting. For two weeks I shadowed various teaching staff, observing their teaching techniques and the ways in which they support the children.

I found each day provided a different challenge as new faces, new personalities were becoming visible, which brought various hurdles my way as different ways of teaching were needed. The most satisfying aspect of this work environment is that no day is the same. -New lessons, new people. It was encouraging to know I had the opportunity to assist someone learning, gaining contentment from seeing the new skill acquired.

This experience of working in a primary school, allowed me to gain a number of skills and also help enhance my not so strong skills. I have always admitted the fact that I can be a very good listener and a good communicator which is an important skill required. I found that my communication ability enhanced as I got to know students, which improved my confidence.

I am able to function well independently and can also work effectively as part as a team, which became obvious to me during my stay at my work placement. I have also shown this throughout the greater part of my school experience, for example, when playing team sports, such as Netball, Rounders, Badminton, Athletics, etc.

Throughout out my school experience I have pursued a number of activities, which indicate my positive qualities that I have thoroughly developed within the past few years. Such activities include helping out at events such as fundraisers, charity events, school trips, Chess Club, etc. My role is to act on behalf of the school in a positive and professional fashion. I believe I do this well as I exhibit an enthusiastic, responsible and reliable image. In order to be considered for the role of a Prefect or a buddy I needed to have the fundamental qualities for that particular role. Such attributes needed are congruence, flexibility and decisiveness.

These specific qualities, I believe, have been made apparent to my teaching staff as a consequence of the community work in school I have partaken in. I have achieved my British Red Cross basic First Aid diploma, which I completed at school. I have also accomplished my Food Hygiene, Business Dynamics and Junior Sports Leadership diplomas.

I am very much looking forward to broadening my practical and theoretical skills by going to university. In undertaking a degree in teaching, I seek to enhance my knowledge of educational studies and improve my personal skills.

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