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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Priest Personal Statement

I enjoy working in my local church England parish. I have always been a thoughtful individual towards others because of my faith. At university I helped with a soup kitchen, which was organised by all Christian students at the campus. I was their leader, I planned and co-ordinated the activity during the Christmas period for four weeks. I was applauded for this, as well as my colleagues were, by the head principle.

Coming back to my parish, I am always busy and keep in regular contact with parishioners. I get invited to their weddings and funerals alike. I do enjoy the company of people, that?s why I am so good at my job. I always endeavour to keep in touch with everyone who comes to my church through e-mails and mobile technology. My mobile phone is available for twenty-four hours. Even if someone knocks at my door at night I will help him or her.

I am well versed in the bible as well as other holy books. This helps me to build up strong relationships with other faith leaders of our community. I am always invited to the local mosque to discuss the commonalities of Islam and Christianity. This ensures social harmony, which I teach my congregation that whilst our faiths are different we are united by the bond of humanity.
My day to day tasks include: visiting sick parishioners, praying for them, attending weddings and conducting weddings, meeting other faith leaders for promoting various projects. I have an admin staff who carry out my admin work therefore leave time for me to getting the necessary paperwork done for Sunday service.

I am at the point in my career where I believe I would like to work for a much larger parish and therefore continue with my good work and also develop my skills and abilities.

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