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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Plumber Personal Statement

I am an experienced and adept individual in the field of diagnosing and solving plumbing problems both at a commercial level as well as a domestic level. I have experience of interacting with clients face-to-face and diagnosing problems and estimating any fixture and fittings that needed to be carried out.

I am able to work alone and manage my time in accordance to the allocated workload. I am able to communicate effectively with colleagues and customers alike. I have lots of physical stamina, which is needed for this type of work. I am very creative individual and when it comes to solving client-plumbing problems. I use the best method to solve their problem so the fault does not occur.

I have experience of writing invoices for the work that I have carried out and also I record on day-to-day bases of the clients that I seen and the work that I have carried out. This has enabled me to improve and strengthen my organisation skills.

I also have good customer service skills because customers some time may be not as polite to you for a number of reasons, but I endeavour to explain to them that I am here to help them and ensure them that I will use the best resources at my disposable to rectify the faults immediately.

I am ready to take the next step and I would like to work for a larger plumbing outlet, as I will be a vital asset to your company with the experience and skills that I have gained.

What Skills are needed to be a Plumber?

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