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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Pharmacist Personal Statement

I work as a pharmacist. This role involves being the first point of contact for customers who are suffering from an ailment. I advise customers on the best possible treatments and also the side effects. My primary role is maintaining good public health through the distribution of drugs.

I work with local GPs, Nurses to help individuals to recover from illnesses. I distribute drugs and medications. I advise patients in regard to the best drug and potential adverse effects. I monitor the effectiveness of a drug, medication and treatment. I prepare and check medicine. I ensure drugs are stored properly and are administered correctly. I orchestrate clinical trials and evaluate the claims of pharmaceutical companies. I keep a register of controlled medicines for legal reasons. I provide basic testing services for diabetes, pregnancy, blood pressure and cholesterol.

I have detailed knowledge in regards to the different medications administered to patients. I also maintain attention to detail, as this is necessary because a small mistake could cost patients life through the wrong dose or wrong medication. I am able to communicate effective clinical and non-clinical staff.

What Skills are needed to be an Pharmacist  

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