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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Parent Personal Statement

After working in the Information Technology Industry for fifteen years I decided to pack up everything up. This decision was taken because my work took precedence over my two children and husband. I was at the top of my career but in terms of giving my family quality time was a big no. This was because my job required me to work overtime and the deadlines were short and they had to be completed quickly otherwise my neck was on the line.

After spending the first month as a housewife I realised the damaging impact had on my children. I was unaware of how my young son was doing at primary and same with my daughter who was studying for her GCSEs?. This changed I found out my three year old son was having trouble with reading. Everyday at a specified time I read to him and encouraged him to read to me. As the months passed he was able to remember a lot of new words and also applied them to daily interaction.

My daughter also told me that she was in top off all her exams and won various science and math awards, I was very happy to hear this. I told her why not she shared her successes with me. Her reply was that each time she did I was busy. This broke my heart and I made a pledge to myself until I experienced their important moments I wont be going back to work in a hurry.

Time with my children enabled me to increase my interpersonal skills with them. I was also responsible daily and weekly shopping budget for the family. I was able to use my effective communication skills when going to the local supermarket for daily and weekly produce. I became familiar with the meat person at the encounter and was also able to build up good rapports with staff at the checkout. These visits to the supermarket and shopping for clothing improved and strengthened my numerical and oral communication skills.

My other tasks involved maintaining a clean household on a daily bases, by encouraging everyone to help with running with the household. My two children and husband also cleaned the house with me on a daily bases. I also took their clothes to the laundry on weekly bases which enabled me to learn and understand how to operate a laundry machine. These tasks were previously done by my housekeeper but as I wanted to become fully conversed individual in the daily running of household I therefore discontinued her services.

It has been fifteen months since looking after my family and the contentment gained from doing this is immense.

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