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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Paramedic Personal Statement

As a paramedic I have a genuine desire to care and help others and this makes my job very rewarding. I have a very calming and understanding personality which means that I can relate to patients very easily and my efficient communication skills also help. My calm and confident nature give me the skills needed to perform under pressure whether that is driving to or from an emergency or treating patients in a life or death situation. As a patient individual I am very thorough when administering medicines and injections through years of training and many years of on the job experience.

I fully appreciate that each situation has to be assessed and my knowledge enable me to make quick decisions whilst also taking the patient’s condition into consideration. This role requires an understanding of many different areas and I am efficient when it comes to communication and my leadership skills allow me to take control of situations so that they can be dealt with efficiently. I have to rely on my quick thinking skills each and every day and I am always prepared for every potential situation and I manage and organise my workload to ensure that I am completely committed to the task in hand, however, working in a team is something that brings the best out of me and the job that I do. Working as a paramedic is rewarding but very challenging but I am qualified to a high level which allows me to ensure that I can treat patients in many different ways. I am efficient in surgical procedures, dressing wounds, using airway devices and life support techniques.

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