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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Packaging Technologist Personal Statement

I have experience of working in a design-based industry from my time working at Web Design Company. My roles here consisted of taking ideas and discussing them with clients and working on a draft. The draft would then get shown to the client and any changes and ideas would be discussed and implemented in order to create a finished final product. Communication played a large part in carrying out a successful job.

I am very good with figures and solving problems, as this was all part of completing my Degree in Science. This degree enabled me to understand different materials and what products consist of. This will help me when it comes to designing packaging based on what the contents consist of. Working out how safe and secure packaging would have to be and understanding how much protection the product would require.

As my previous role states, I have excellent skills in IT. Computer aided Design is something that I excel in and enjoy immensely. I am always willing to learn new things to further my knowledge and I can learn new types of software very easily. I am a very flexible worker and will often work beyond normal hours to finish a job or find a solution to a problem. I am a great team worker and enjoy listening to others to see what ideas they have but I also enjoy putting across my ideas and issues in order to achieve a successful final product. Working to a budget is also something I am good at.

In my previous job clients would come to me with a budget and I would explain to them what it was they could get for their money, I could also negotiate with people to ensure that all get the best deal possible. A key skill I have is being organised, when it comes to working on projects it is vital to understand when it has to be achieved by, this means working methodically. I believe I have all the skills and knowledge that is required to be successful in this role.

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