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Lecturer Personal Statement

I work at a local further education college, which provides vocational courses as well as academic oriented courses. I have worked in the Business and finance Department for five years. My role involves preparing material for lessons, supervising exams, arranging work placements for students. I also attended staff meetings.

I work well within a team and can communicate with a wide range of people. This includes staff as well as students. I am very versed within my subject, which means I am able to answer any queries that students may have with their work accordingly. I am much-organised individual as I arrange and plan my lessons in advance. I am able to get on with students that have different personalities and also encourage them to improve in areas where they are lacking through giving them advice.

I keep up to date with the latest changes to courses and examination through Internet and magazines. I believe this is the appropriate time to apply for the post of Deputy Head of the Business Department.
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