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Laboratory Technician Personal Statement

I am a very analytic person and like to understand how things work and why things happen. This job interests me immensely because it would allow me to use a wide range of skills that I possess. I have a diploma that is linked to this role and it has given me the knowledge required to carry it out to a very high standard. Previous roles have given me the opportunity to record data and present data in many different ways, this experience will allow me to understand the results and produce them effectively.

Previous roles have also required to me to monitor and maintain stock levels, this is a responsibility that I excelled at. Cleanliness is something that I take serious and in my personal life I am always ensuring that things are clean, the same would apply to any equipment that I would use in the laboratory.

I can plan and organise my workload effectively so that I know exactly what I should be doing and when it has to be done so meeting deadlines is something that comes naturally to me. Detail is also important to me, I like to ensure that I always pay attention to detail on anything that I work on to make sure that I complete the task successfully.

My strong problem solving skills, Maths and IT skills will mean that I can work in many different ways to find a solution and come to a positive conclusion. Communication is key to me and I believe the path to success understands how others work when working in a team but I can also work effectively as an individual. With my skill set, knowledge and work ethics I could be a great addition to your team.
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