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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Kitchen and Bathroom Fitter Personal Statement

I have always been a hard worker and enjoy nothing more than finishing a project with a superb end product. I have always been interested in working with tools and a job as a kitchen and bathroom fitter would be a job that I would excel in.

I have excellent practical skills and the ability to use many different types of tools. Previous roles working within maintenance required me to follow drawings and to use measurements to handle repairs and jobs.
There were many problems to overcome, but I enjoy problem solving so this was something that came easy to me. The maintenance role meant that I had to deal with customers and work to deadlines that I had set, I often worked alone which was part of the job but at times I worked as part of a larger project and within a team.
I have worked hard to learn the skills required to carry out this job and I know that I could put them to use effectively to become a success.

What Skills are needed to be a Kitchen and Bathroom Fitter

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