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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Kitchen Assistant Personal Statement

Working hard has always been a skill that I have believed in and my willingness to work is what could make me very successful in the role. In order to carry out this role I would show that I am flexible in the way I work and I will keep on working until the job is complete. This is due to my enthusiastic nature and desire to help out my team.

I worked in a care home previously and this job required me to work efficiently and quickly to keep the business moving and I dealt with patients and family members so my excellent communication skills were always being put to use. I am always looking at ways to improve the way I work, or the way the team works and I believe that talking through ideas can help bring the best out of people. I am a driven individual who always gives everything and I know that I have the experience to bring something to this role should I be successful.
What Skills are needed to be a Kitchen Assistant

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