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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Customer Service Example 2

Give me an example when you were able to deal sensitively with enquires from a diverse range of individuals, and de-escalate and manage potentially difficult or conflict situations calmly and with confidence

In my role as an Employment Coach, I had the opportunity to deal with a diverse range of individuals and ethnicity. However, every single customer who walks into my office is dealt with professionally and their enquiries on job vacancies, problems that they may have faced during their search for employment or even their day-to-day issues are kept confidential. There are times where, I had to deal with customers who were behaving in a rude manner or acting out of frustration and anger.

"Most situations are dealt with in a calm and orderly fashion. Customer who act out of anger, frustration and vulgarity, though not an accepted behaviour, are merely acting out of some insecurity. Most customers are worried about their non-employment and the pressure of their day-to-day cost of living and especially they are more insecure if they have children under their care.
Recognising the reason for their behaviour is imperative in finding an amicable solution to their cry for help and this can only be done, had I not been calm and composed in my role to offer my help. Albeit, some situations required the assistance of a duty manager, this was only in extreme cases.

Example of managing a difficult situation calmly and confidently:

"Once a gentleman had walked into our office, verbally abusing the staff and my colleagues with vulgarity and anger. Many were unsure on what actions that required and a few of my colleague were contacting the security personnel. I decided I had to defuse the situation before it escalated further.
After a couple of minute, I managed to convince him to sit down with me and have a proper conversation and I had promised to assist him to the best of my ability. In doing so, he agreed and we managed to have an extensive conversation. It appears he had gone to many job interviews, unsuccessful and he required a job urgently. I decided to look into his employment history, analyse his skills and capabilities, within a week he had a successful job interview. ."

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