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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Archaeologist Personal Statement

As a result of teaching archaeology in University it has led me to a career as an archaeologist. My knowledge and passion of archaeology makes this a job that I love. I have worked on many projects, all of which have helped me to improve and understand different circumstances and situations better. I am a firm believer in accuracy and paying attention to detail is crucial when working on an investigation and my ability to work well as a team member or leader is a skill that I am extremely proud of. Conservation, cleaning, recording and investigating artefacts is part of the role that I take great pleasure form and my enquiring mind always drives me to research continuously.

Many of the projects that I have worked on have had time constraints and my ability to work to deadlines efficiently has ensured that all projects have been successful. Archaeology is about painting the whole picture and if that includes aerial photography or inspecting sites to ensure that they are protected and preserved then I will go to all lengths to ensure that every box is ticked. Communication is key at all levels of archaeology and my excellent planning and organisational skills make me efficient at writing reports and my IT skills are often called upon. My patient and methodical approach ensure that I look at every investigation and project as an individual entity whilst also calling upon skills that I transfer to every project.

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