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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Arboriculture Workers Personal Statement

I have always enjoyed working outdoors and working as an arboriculture worker is a job that has given me many opportunities. I understand the importance in trees and conservations is a huge part of my day to day thinking in this job and although I am a tree surgeon I also look at ways to give back to the environment. This comes in the form of preparing the ground for tree planting, this along with climbing trees requires a high level of physical fitness as well as a head for heights.

I have taken many courses to ensure that I am constantly up to date with health and safety regulations and legislation. A role such as this comes with an element of risk which is why good communication skills are paramount. I always make sure that team members are clear and aware of all situations and my excellent management skills and ability to prioritise always ensures that the jobs are carried out efficiently. I have studied tree biology and pathology which makes me qualified to advise and understand each job that we face, this also makes it simple for me to advice on the selection of new trees. Each job is not just a risk to us, it is also a risk to pedestrians and we take the safety of the public extremely serious. My practical and mechanical skills are relied upon continuously and it means that I am able to maintain and operate machinery whilst also being able to carry out details site surveys. Maths skills are important as estimating costs for each job is one of the most important parts of the whole process, each job is assessed and we ensure that all planning requests meet legislation. It is a diverse role that takes me from pruning trees to dealing with property issues or insurance claims but I have good written and IT skills that make it easy for me to prepare contracts whilst also having the confidence to present a professional image.

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