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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Antique Dealer Personal Statement

My job role of an antique dealer entails the purchasing and selling of a wide variety of second hand goods that have become valuable overtime.
Day to day activities include buying antiques, this includes furniture, pottery or memorabilia, and selling them on to make a profit. I use the following means to sell antiques: auction, private sale, and Internet websites or market stores.

I specialise in Asian antiques because I studied Ancient Chinese History at university. I believe antiques show a clear picture of past civilisations, cultures and communities. This is very enriching and enlightening to own part of the past.

I have 20 years experience within the business, which has enabled me to build a loyal customer base. I keep them updated on a daily bases in regards to my latest finds and the price through twitter, face book, Internet website and e-mail. I also meet up with them on regular bases to sell new products through private sessions, but first I speak on the phone to make sure that the product found is of interest to them and also I introduce them to items that they might want to purchase. A lot persuasion and negotiation skills are necessary in this line of work.

From what I have stated above I am sure I will be an asset if I selected for the role Antique dealer at your reputable firm.

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