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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Animal Care Worker Personal Statement

My interest in animals started at a young age when the family dog was introduced to me. This gave me the understanding of dealing with an animal and this is where my passion grew from. We then had several cats, and this allowed me to understand how different animals require different care and attention. This interest has led me to work voluntarily at a local vets and this has enabled me to experience all different kinds of animals on a daily basis. I have learnt that patience is key and I have been told that I am very confident when it comes to handling animals as I fully appreciate that animals require an understanding when being handled.

Working in a vets has taught me that helping animals recover is not the only part of the job. I am able to distance myself enough so that I do not get attached to the animals when they have been ill-treated or injured without compromising on care. I am a hard worker and my experience of owning horses and cleaning the stables daily can prove that I have the willingness to turn my hand to any unpleasant and dirty jobs.
What Skills are needed to be a Animal Care Worker?

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