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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Anaesthetist Personal Statement

My need to help and care for others is the reason why I became an Anaesthetist. Calmness and understanding are two skills that I have that make me a very efficient anaesthetist. They allow me to carry out my job extremely well and give me the scope to work well under pressure whilst also being able to make important and quick decisions. My role gives me the opportunity to deal with many different people all of which have different circumstance but my communications skills enable me to discuss the situation with people helping to put them at ease and feel more confident.

This can be an intense role and I am as efficient working in a team as I am as an individual and my main goal and priority is to ensure that the patient is comfortable before, during and after and operation. I am a positive and resourceful individual who analyses each situation, always seeking to find the best outcome whilst managing both acute and chronic pain in patients. My experience has given me the opportunity to lead, train and supervise a team or unit and this is something I take great pleasure in. My passion for science and medicine really give me the drive to make this job a success and I completely understand the level of responsibility which is why I display high levels of compassion and integrity.

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