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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Ambulance Person Personal Statement

I am hardworking and caring individual who gave up a lucrative career as an investment banker in the city to work as an ambulance Person. This career change occurred because I wanted to do something worthwhile. By working as an ambulance assistant I am making a difference on every single day by providing medical assistance to injured people and taking them to Accident and Emergency with major and minor injuries.

I am currently working as ambulance assistant with a paramedic team. The team and I are well trained in driving our ambulance vehicle to a very high standard. This is important when transporting patients with life threatening injuries. We are always on our feet because patients need to be stabilised until they reach accident and emergency.

I am very well trained in all aspects of pre-hospital emergency care ranging from crush injuries to cardiac arrest. I am able to use the heart defibrillators, oxygen, intravenous drips, spinal and traction splints and a variety of drugs for medical and traumatic emergencies. The nature of the job requires me to be quick thinking and decisive, yet able to provide a calm and reassuring environment for patients and relatives. Increasingly, my role involves carrying out and diagnosing tests and procedures in home.

They will also means referring patients to social care services, directly admitting patients to specialist units, and prescribing a range of medications.
I am undertaking clinical training to help me become a paramedic as this will enable me grow in terms of career wise and also to increase my fund of knowledge.
What Skills are needed to be an Ambulance Person

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