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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Ambulance Carer Personal Statement

My career as an ambulance carer has taken me into many different situations, all of which I deal with in an efficient and professional way. I thrive on helping others and my ability to listen, speak clearly and concisely and write well enable me to provide a high level of care. Working responsibly makes it simple for me to drive safely when under pressure and organise and manage my workload. Safety is paramount in this role and I am always kept up to date with health and safety regulations and legislation.

This can be an intense role at times but my decision making skills are exceptional and they serve me well when facing all kinds of situations. Working proactively gives me the foresight to understand each patient and their background and I follow confidentiality rules strictly. Focus is key to being successful and my training and experience allows me to treat all kinds of situations. I can quickly assess the patient’s needs and should there be a requirement to control bleeding, carry out resuscitation, dress wounds, manage airways or support breathing then I am extremely competent in these areas.

What Skills are needed to be an Ambulance Carer?

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