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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Ambulance Care Worker Personal Statement

My career path has led me to become an Ambulance Care worker and it is a role that I enjoy immensely. I started off working as a first aider and I enjoyed helping and caring for others and this skill has helped me to make the transition to an ambulance care worker. The job is diverse and it enables me to experience many different situations where I am able to display my serious attitude for work as well as my caring and outgoing personality.

I appreciate the importance of all equipment and this means that I take great care in ensuring that all relevant checks are carried out. This highlights my organisational skills and ability to prioritise. My clean driving licence ensures that I am safe and considerate when operating an ambulance and I take great care in any patients who may be on board. I appreciate that each and every person is different which is why I assess and deal with every situation in the way that I see fit. I have experience of dealing with elderly people from my time working in a care home and this has also equipped me with the skills needed to help those who are physically disabled or suffering with mental health problems. My care and understanding extends further as I ensure that the patients return home and get settled quickly and my communication skills enable me to talk to the patients and listen, helping those who are anxious or worried.

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