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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Alexander Technique Expert Personal Statement

I am an Alexander Technique expert who seeks to better understand how I can offer more to others. I have a real desire to help people and I work hard to improve and enhance the lives of those who need my assistance. I have a passion for this industry and my experience ensures that clients always come first which means my awareness of when to refer a client to a medical practitioner is extremely reliable. I believe in what I do and having treated many people I have excellent communication skills that make it simple for me to discuss the requirements of clients.

I look at problems with an open mind and my logical approach gives me the opportunity to really find a solution. I have worked with performers who have required my assistance as well as those involved in sports and my understanding of breathing disorders, posture issues and balance problems has helped many people. I am constantly looking to improve my knowledge and I treat people who have muscle tension problems as well as vocal problems, I thrive on the fact that every client is different. My communication and understanding skills ensure that I completely consider the needs of the client whilst always looking to find a solution.

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