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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Airline Cabin Crew Person Personal Statement

I have been working for reputable Middle Eastern airline for seven years. I have picked up necessary skills to improve myself professional and mentally. My work involved a lot of interacting with passengers and providing a quality standard customer service.

My day-to-day tasks involve serving breakfast, lunch and dinner to passengers travelling with our airlines. I also take into account special dietary requirements, because it is important to check with customers what they can and can?t eat. This is crucial because at one time a customer was going to be given a milk related product by a new airline cabin crew member and I spotted this and asked the customer if he was able to eat products including milk, which he wasn?t. Luckily I spotted this otherwise he would have had adverse reaction because of his health condition and this would have left a bad experience in his memory. It would have put him off from travelling with us in the future.

I also had to deal with difficult customers in an assertive and direct manner for example some passengers would get up before the plane stopped moving, which was unacceptable. I firmly reiterated the point that they endangering their safety and other passenger safety by doing this. I dealt with drunk and violent passengers with special techniques shown to restrain them if they did not comply.

This is the appropriate time to apply for the post of Cabin Crew supervisor, as I will be able to cope with the demands of the role in an adept manner.
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