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Aid Worker Personal Statement

As an aid worker I have been all over the world to manage and develop emergency response programmes within geographical areas that have been subjected to war, natural disasters and environmental problems.

I operate in the front line conditions, facilitating the effective distribution of humanitarian aid to people who have been hit by famine or other natural disasters. My job includes: rapidly assessing emergency situations; working closely with staff located within the area or other emergency departments; co-ordinating and supporting the work of volunteers; managing the implementation of emergency activities and monitoring their effectiveness; producing response reports; recommendations and proposals for emergency intervention; developing and monitoring objectives; liasing with United Nations agency; government official; colleagues; recruiting and managing local staff; organising induction, support and training for volunteer other aid worker; implementing, overseeing and ensuring guidelines are followed.
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I am a focused individual who will be the ideal person for the role of Senior Aid worker. I am good at managing people and dealing with difficult situations and overcoming them by using the appropriate tools at my disposal.
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