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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Admin Personal Statement

I have experience of working in the admin oriented roles. My current role is in a private cosmetic clinic surgery setting where I register patients who comes in for surgery. I am responsible of explaining what the procedure involves and also for carrying out the transactions of cash and card payments. I print out a detail receipt of the charges for the patients.

I also allocate a key and locker to the patients who come in for surgery so that any important items can be stored while they are in theatres. Once they are out of surgery I give them the keys back.

I am also responsible for e-mailing, sending and distributing post for the consultants whom work at the clinic. I am also responsible photocopying and faxing necessary documents. I am also in charge of booking meeting rooms for clinical and non-clinical staff. At meetings I take the minutes of the meeting and distribute it to the necessary members. I am also responsible for archiving and providing patient files for clinic consultations and surgeries.

In my previous admin jobs roles, I worked at a hotel, where I am responsible for the reception. Guests who came into the reception area I welcome them in a warm and friendly manner. I took their details down onto the hotel computer booking system. I was responsible for taking and carrying out their card and cash payments and also I liased with hotel staff to ensure they were directed towards their rooms. I handled difficult customers with tact and diplomacy. If a particular issue was not in remit I direct customers to the necessary department or manager.

The hours were flexible which meant you got to work with a wide variety of people. This included both staff and customers. This enriched my experience, as I was able to use and enhance my customer and people skills.

I am planning to do an Open University business administration degree to develop my admin skills further as I inevitably want to work in senior admin role.

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