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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Accounting Technician Personal Statement

I am a self-driven and hardworking individual who has had a passion for numbers since I was a child. From an early age I enjoyed working with numbers and solving puzzles and I have always been an excellent Maths student throughout my school years, excelling in all exams and tests. I have a degree in maths, which I believe has set me up in good stead for a career in accounting. I work well as an individual and I am also and excellent team member, always ensuring that jobs are completed on time and to an excellent standard. I am very organised in all walks of life and in all previous jobs, being organised has allowed me to ensure that all jobs are completed to the high standard that I expect.

In previous roles I have had experience of processing and paying invoices as well as preparing and checking ledger balances. I have had a lot of input with tax returns and VAT return and I have a vast knowledge in computerised accounting systems
I have good spoken and written communication skills and liaising with other professionals in the field is something that I enjoy and take seriously. I have a huge interest in business and finance. I have a great understanding of figures and how to analyse them and I my level of accuracy is always a high priority for me.

Attention to detail is important and the ability to work to strict deadlines makes me reliable and honest. I believe these qualities and skills make me a great choice for an accounting technician role.

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