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How to write a Covering Letter and Attach your CV

I am sure by Now you know how to write a covering letter and if you don't have one please go and visit Sample Cover Letters and if you have your covering Letter this tutorial is just a Piece of Cake.
How to write a Covering Letter and Attach Your CV via email.

Web-based Applications, e.g.

Find a job you wish to apply for.
Click on “Apply”.
Fill the boxes that apply, e.g. your e-mail address.
To Attach Your CV / Covering Letter:
Usually: Click on “Browse” next to the appropriate box, e.g. “Upload your CV”
Find your CV at the location where you saved it.
e.g. if on your memory stick:
Click on button with: symbol opposite “Look in” at top of “File Upload” window.
Click on your memory stick – usually drive E:
Find your CV on your memory stick and click on “Open” to attach your CV to your application.
Attach your letter, if saved on your memory stick, in a similar way.
If you need to send text only from a letter (instead of attaching a letter file, e.g. to send in an e-mail):

· Open your letter in MS Word.
· Highlight the text in your letter that you want to send, using the mouse.
· Alternatively: highlight all text in your letter, by pressing — on the keyboard (i.e. “Control” – “All”).
· Once you’ve highlighted the text you want, press — (to Copy).
· Open a new message in your e-mail programme (e.g. Hotmail).
OR: Go back to the web page where you want to send text.
· Click in the “box” where you want to copy the text.
· Press — to Paste your copied text into the e-mail, or sending box.

Control A— to highlight All

Control C— to Copy

Control V— to Paste – think: C, V – the most important word in here!

Remember A C V

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