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How to create new email Account using Hotmail

Welcome to how to create new email id using hotmail: Please follow step by step guide:
The whole process will take approximately 10-20 minutes depending on which guide you choose:- We have divided this into 2 categories quick version and idiot guide (Step by step )
Step 1) Open your Internet browser and type in: - Then click on the sign up button.

Step 2) You will be presented with two options choose, click on the “Get It” (Free)

Main Email Form Window

[Action 01] Click inside the “ID widow” and type your preferred email address e.g. joebloggs2008. (Note you cannot use spaces). Full address will appear

[Action 02] Once you chosen and email name click on the “Check Availability” button

[Action 03] *Type Password: Type a password of more then six characters:

Note: for your security your password try to include a combination of
· Numbers
· Letters (Upper & Lowercase)
· hyphens (-)
· or full stops

[04] *Re-type your password exactly in the same manner.

[05] *Alternative address –This is not optional but, do type in an address, try using the address of some you trust or ask your advisor. If you forget your password, a reminder will be sent to that account.

[06] *Question - click on the down arrow at the end of the box and select a relevant question.

[07] *Secret answer - Type in your answer:

e.g Question = “Name of First Pet
Secret Answer = *Fido

[08] Self explanatory, all fields must be completed

[09] *Type Characters

Note: If you cannot make out the characters click on the blue (Cycle) button next to the image to get another image.

[10] Once you have done, click on “I Accept” button

Note: Clicking on accept means that you agree to the “Window Live Services Agreement and Privacy Statement” – If you wish to read the agreement before accepting click on the blue written text above accept button..

I am stuck , download file in Word Format

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