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Career Objectives Part 1

A competent, highly-motivated project leader seeking a senior management position where enthusiasm, skill and experience can be put to good use in an environment where research produces solid end-results.

Career objective – an administrative position where first rate word processing and excellent interpersonal skills would be of value.

A dynamic, people-oriented professional, interested in all types of communication, wishing to focus on a career in public relations where specific skills and experience can be put to effective use.

A computer professional looking for a position in IT training using well-developed skills to help those making the transition from Street fighter II to spreadsheets.

A chartered engineer with ten years’ experience in management, looking for a senior position where knowledge and skill will make a significant contribution towards corporate goals.

An engineering graduate with a keen interest in computers seeking a career in computing, especially in a scientific or industrial field, where a background in problem-solving would be an advantage.

A versatile, quick-thinking personal assistant looking for the opportunity to make use of an arts education in the field of publishing.

A systems analyst with a background in business systems, interested in a position where the application of information technology can be used to improve company efficiency.
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