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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

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Personal Profile:  
I am committed and hard-working person, who gives due attention to any task, big or small. Looking after a household with children, has given me the skills of budgeting, time management, weekly planning as well as providing support and continuity. Looking for job opportunity so my personal qualities can be used effectively. Ready, willing and able to play a key role in the workplace.

Skills & Abilities:

• People person / excellent social skills
• Good communication skills used in every day life
• Friendly, confident, polite helpful manner with the general public
• Interested in new things and willing to learn new skills
• Comfortable with responsibility and able to use initiative
• Good organization and time management skills
• Motivating and being supportive of others
• Friendly and approachable manner
• Motivated, keen, flexible and adaptable
• Practical: gets a task done, finds easy solutions, adapts to different situations and picks up
• Able to work quickly, carefully and methodically

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