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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

House Keeper CV

Personal Profile:
A hardworking, self-motivated and committed individual, who gives due attention to any task, big or small. Looking after a household with children, has given me the skills of budgeting, time management, weekly planning as well as providing support and continuity. Looking for a driving job opportunity so my personal qualities can be used effectively. Ready, willing and able to play a key role in the workplace.

Skills & Abilities

• People person / excellent social skills
• Good communication skills used in every day life
• A good listener and able to empathize with most people particularly children
• Committed to developing skills and knowledge to achieve high standards
• Friendly, confident, polite, helpful manner with the general public
• Interested in new things and willing to learn new skills
• Comfortable with responsibility and able to use initiative
• Good organization and time management skills
• Motivating and being supportive of others
• Motivated, keen, flexible and adaptable
• Practical: gets a task done, finds easy solutions, adapts to different situations and picks up the task quickly
• Able to work quickly, carefully and methodically
• Posses a clean driving licence

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